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Industry Experts Teaching Code

Toan Huynh from CSINSCHOOLS, an education consultant and former Microsoft Program Manager, brings a wealth of experience from his work on exciting projects like the creation of the Xbox console and the development of the Bing search engine.

Our Year 5/6 students at Christ the King are fortunate to have him teach them Python coding as part of their digital technology curriculum.

Kids in Space Program

The Year 5/6 students at Christ the King are participating in the Kids in Space program, a STEAM initiative where they learn to use 3D design software to create solutions for our planet inspired by space technology.

This program is endorsed by and associated with the Australian Space Agency. Later in the year, selected students will have the opportunity to attend a showcase exhibition and share their projects with peers from other schools. 

Enhancement Opportunities in STEAM

In Term 3 Christ the King will run a specialised enhancement project, in which eligible students from 3-6 will participate in steam-based project-based learning.

Successful Design Thinking Projects

In our Year 3/4 STEAM and Inquiry Learning project, students developed prototypes to enhance well-being at our school. Among their creations were a well-being hub and a well-being doll. Our principal, Tracie, was so impressed by their work that she approved their designs for construction. Now, Quyen, our STEAM leader, will collaborate with the Year 3/4 students to bring these prototypes to life.

Immersive Education Aviation Project at CTK

Aviation Project at CTK 

Every two years, our senior students engage in the Immersive Education Aviation Project, exploring aeronautical engineering and undertaking a design thinking project to build and modify model planes.

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