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In all we do, we aspire to increase the capacity of students to become independent and discerning citizens who positively engage with and contribute to society.

At Christ the King Primary School, our literacy program follows the Victorian Curriculum guidelines. Literacy throughout the school involves eight to ten hours of dedicated learning time a week.

It includes the following language modes: Reading and Viewing, Writing, Speaking and Listening. It includes the following strands: Language, Literature, Literacy.

Our literacy program aims to:

  • Support the learning of all students
  • Develop knowledge and skills in English that are central to the development of key life skills
  • Develop students who are confident and successful communicators
  • Evoke in students a love of reading and writing
  • Support students in developing an understanding of how the English language varies according to context and purpose
  • Ensure that students can learn to read, comprehend, write, view, and create a range of written, spoken and multimodal texts
  • Develop imaginative, critical and reflective thinking by engaging students in rich and authentic texts
  • Support students to develop knowledge and skills to produce a range of texts that entertain, persuade and inform
  • Use a variety of assessment strategies, to monitor and plan for student learning
  • Support students in setting and achieving personal learning goals
  • Engage students in independent and collaborative learning tasks to support the development of literacy skills
  • Support students to develop personal, social, historical and cultural understandings through contemporary literature and traditional stories
  • Engage families in student learning to support the development of literacy.
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